Sand Mandala made by Buddhist Monks

Sand Mandala made by Buddhist Monks

Perhaps I became over-confident?  Yes, I was thrilled to lose 7lbs over the festive period.  But this week I stayed the same.   

Wendy Bailey - trying to stay focussed!

Wendy Bailey – trying to stay focussed!

Being honest with myself is the toughest thing, don’t you think? So here goes:

What on earth did I think I was doing skipping a meal?   My Excuse? I didn’t have time to eat properly. So I was hungry  when I came back from my choir rehearsal. What did I do?  I foraged in the fridge – found a lump of cheese, made some celery sticks with philadelphia cheese – AND a glass of red wine sat down and shouted at the TV watching BBC 1 ‘Questiontime’.  The next day was weigh in – what happened?  I stayed the same.   To add insult to that judgement – I said yes to Champagne at Supper with Friends on Friday night.    In mitigation – I didn’t eat the potatoes.   But also somehow, I have also been tempted by Blue top milk and left the Skimmed milk languish in the fridge.

Ok so, I’m human.  I’m cross with myself.   I have had a word with myself – not nice ones and certainly not repeatable in polite company either.  These letter may give you some idea of my telling off, WTF  & FFS!

Now the virtuous me has returned.  I survived Sunday lunch with the whole family – no wine, no spuds, no dessert (Sticky Toffee Pudding, if you really want to torture yourself) – I just ate roast chicken and veg.  I didn’t even eat the crispy skin – but that was probably because my kids got their first!   It was a great day – and many are watching their weight in the new year.!

if you’ve started a new year fitness – good luck.  Keep on, keeping on.   These dark days are tough – so look forward a few months when the light returns and we can frolic in the sun!   Well ok, you get the idea.   I want to be healthier and fitter.   I’m only half way there – so new focus please.

bon chance


All the razzle dazzle is done for another  year!  Yes it’s a New Year – 2013 – and what marvellous possibilities lie ahead?   Loads – and loads of new choices to make – and yes I aim to make POSITIVE choices for long term benefits for health and well being.  In the past, I would have settled for a quick sugar  hit which would be ‘a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips’ –  just one of  ‘us dieter’s’ well known mantras.  No longer do I yearn for such short term satisfaction.  I’m after bigger goals now.  I want serious weight loss.   And I mean to succeed!   Ain’t NOTHIN gonna stop me now! 

Like you, I have survived Christmas and New Year.  Yes, there were bear traps along the way and I was led down some dark paths – mostly in the delightful devilish


shape of a fluted champagne glass full of bubbles.   Ah well!  It was good champagne – a Laurent Perrier vintage.  Je ne regrette rein!

Today I was weighed for the 1st time after Christmas and it’s now 4 Jan 2013.  Like most of us, I was apprehensive ahead of the weigh in – like a boxer before a big match. A quick trip to the loo – hoping to lessen any excess weight in any way that’s possible.  How much do bra and pants, tights and a teeshirt weigh anyway?  LOADS! yes?  Er no.

Friday 1oam Hannah Jarvis, my Cambridge Weight Plan consultant arrives – prompt and perky.  I hope I haven’t let her down.  What do I mean – let HER down – LET ME DOWN!  I still have to get my head around things – because as I have discovered on this three month journey, losing weight successfully is all in the mind. If my head is in the right place – anything is possible.  It’s a question of commitment, belief, confidence, of one day at a time. I step gingerly on the scales. Hannah squeals. I take that to be a good sign, but it could mean disaster.

‘Seven pounds‘ she exclaims ‘that’s the best  weight loss of all my clients over Christmas!’.

 Since end of Sept 2012, I have  lost 4 stone 2 lbs – that’s 58 pounds in total.   

I approached the Festive period – all two weeks of it – with great caution.  I bought loads of food to keep everyone happy: pates, ham, turkey, mince pies, bread, cream …   but I myself was determined to stay on track.  I look at the Heston Blumenthal mince pies with pleasure – knowing how people would enjoy them, but they held no interest from me.  My son Jake and I spent an afternoon cooking four different curries for supper, with rice and poppadums. However, I ate some left over whole poached salmon and veg.  I enjoyed the smells of the curries but I didn’t want to eat them.  I haven’t come all this way to give in and undo all this weight loss for a mouthful of calories.    And I genuinely don’t feel tempted.  I did, however, drink some champagne and eat a little pate.

Anyway, the scales tell the story.   As I have lost over 4 stone in weight – my aim to lose 5 more stone somehow seems even more possible.

OK maybe the time has come to be honest and open, and to deal with the truth by revealing facts and figures.   This is not going to be easy for me.  I have been in denial for a long time – and to face the truth in public is hard. Believe me.  So here goes – I am Wendy Bailey – I am fat, an over-eater and I hate myself.  That is the truth.  I know I shouldn’t hate myself, but I hate being fat.  It seems a viscous circle.  If I was a smoker, there are plenty of NHS schemes available to help smokers quit.   I am fat – so what does the NHS say – go away and lose weight.   DOH!   This is a psychological, physical problem – for which I and many others, need real strategies and real help.  I’m sorry NHS – but to say – go away and lose weight –  is just not good enough.   It is time obesity issue was taken seriously.

I’ve been vague about my actual weight – why? Because I am so embarrassed and ashamed of how obese I had become.   I have not been able to post images of how fat I really was.

A few days ago I came across some images of me taken in July 2012, whilst I was thinking about doing the Cambridge diet.  Maybe now is the time to not be afraid anymore – but to let you see them.

Cooking sausages with Iris at Womad Music Festival July 2012

Cooking sausages with Iris at Womad Music Festival July 2012


I was 22 stone.

Now see the images taken today below – This is me now, at 17 stone 3 pounds.  58 lbs lighter – 4 stone 2 lbs gone.

I still have 5 stone to lose – which I hope will be gone by the summer 2013.  But this is a long haul.    I think I can do it.  I think we can do it.   I wish all of you doing this journey with me all the very best luck and stay strong  – I know that at least two people have been in touch after reading this blog and been inspired to do the diet too.  Stay in there.    Share your thoughts with me.

If you think you’ll succeed or you think you’ll fail – you’re probably right.    Think about it.   

Wendy Bailey

Wendy Bailey

Weight loss so far - 58lbs that's 4 stone 2lbs off in 12 weeks

Weight loss so far – 58lbs that’s 4 stone 2lbs off in 12 weeks

I really can’t believe I have lost 51 lbs in eleven weeks following the Cambrdige Weight Plan.

I feel so different. I can move more easily. I have endured 12 years of pain in my feet, knees and spine, caused by osteo arthritis. Now the pain has eased.

I still have more weight to lose, which may take six months or more, and I hope I can get there. With the help of my CWP consultant – Hannah Jarvis – who is accompanying me on this journey, I believe it is possible to reach my goal weight.

Eight more sleeps till Christmas! The house is nearly all tinselled up ready for our offspring to return, so the house will be full of children and grown up children!

Those of us on diets will have a tough time to stick to our diet plans – but whatever happens – don’t beat yourself up over the odd mince pie or glass of wine. Start again with new resolve in the new year.

I hope to stay on plan …

Onwards and have yourself a Merry Christmas x

… I will stay on track.  Despite only losing 1 lb last week, I will not be down hearted.  My fabulously supportive Cambridge Diet Consultant Hannah Jarvis  suggested that I may not be eating enough!    So this week, I am doing 3 CWP products every day, as I’m supposed to do – and a 200 calorie meal.    It means I’ve added one of the bars – which I have after my evening meal, whilst watching TV.   Around the log fire. With the Christmas lights twinkling.  Bliss.

I can understand only losing 1lbs because I cheated – but NOT eating enough is a new one for me!

I’m loving the cold winter days.  Lighting a fire in the evening is so cosy.  I am beginning to get the feeling that I’d love a glass of red wine … but I WILL STAY ON TRACK.  Its hard though n’est pas?  I’d love to know how you’re coping with temptation.  Do Share your tips and coping techniques – whilst you’re in a room where thin people drink and eat to gay abandon!    Here’s some from me

WENDY’S CHRISTMAS TIPS for staying on track this Christmas

  • TURN YOUR BACK TO THE BUFFET TABLE At a buffet table where everyone in the whole wide world is stuffing their faces with deliciousness, turn your back to the food table, so you do not continually look at the tempting platters of calories – because that is what they are – loads and loads of calories.
  • DRINK FROM A GORGEOUS GLASS  drink fizzy water, or low calorie drink from a beautiful wine glass. Fill it with slices of lime or lemon and ice, and you will feel like 007 has poured you a martini.   OK, you need lots of imagination for this one – but it helps me.  Oh and Waiters, just because I’m drinking water, doesn’t mean I want to drink it from a tumbler – so leave the long stemmed wine glass right where it is. OK?
  • LOVE THE ONE YOU’RE WITH Enjoy the food you can eat. Savour it. Eat slowly. Practise mindful eating – think about the tastes, who made the food for you (give yourself a pat on the back if necessary) who grew the vegetables, who caught the fish … you get the idea.  Love the one you’re  with!   Bon appetite!

Life is about ups and downs – with some squishy bits in the middle.   If it were all smooth and trouble free  .. well it’s not – so no point in going there.

I am still not back to full fitness. The leg operation, bronchitis and lung congestion have brought my immune system to it’s knees.  It’s going to take time to recover – and going slow is not in my nature.  But I am being ‘sensible’ – again, not usually in my repertoire!

I’m a high wire act, I like to take risks and live ‘dangerously’.  Have a bit of fun, I suppose, but my energy is low so thank goodness for my iMac!  I can travel the world of imagination right  here from my comfy executive faux leather black swivel chair – with moveable arms!

Saw this on a friend’s facebook page – she said I would share it – thanks Rhonda! 

Its a Note from The Universe :

Finally, Rhonda, the Official Top Ten Spiritual Ways to Defeat Boredom, Make Friends, Find Love, Trim Down, Shape Up, Discover Your Purpose, Make a Fortune, and Shine Your Light, are…

  1. Take action.
  2. Show up.
  3. Lean into it.
  4. Start anywhere.
  5. Keep busy.
  6. Get out more.
  7. Ask for help.
  8. Shake more hands.
  9. Give more hugs.
  10. Don’t stop.

You were already visualizing, right?

The Universe

Especially, Rhonda, give more hugs.

Sounds like great advice to me!

Merry Christmas




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Instagram Photos.


Merry Christmas xx


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